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In high check volume environments, bank account reconciliation can be complicated and time-consuming. PayPilot™ displays a complete list of payments processed through the system, including payment status:

  • Unprinted (check in database but not printed)
  • Printed (check printed but not cashed)
  • Paid (check cleared at bank)
  • Stopped (check stopped at bank)
  • Void (check not issued)

Operators can change the status of payments, with appropriate security authorization. PayPilot uses the payment status to produce specialized reconciliation reports, such as registers of cashed checks, uncashed checks, stopped payments and voided checks.

PayPilot can also be configured to electronically communicate with your bank to automatically update the status of payments. While bank transmission formats and communication protocols vary among institutions, Prelude will customize PayPilot to your bank’s specific format and modem protocols.

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