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A developer of business management software designed for enterprise organizations.

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PowerPlan was founded in 1994 with a clear mission: to provide asset-intensive companies with an integrated accounting, tax, budgeting and analytical solution that would enable businesses to generate more cash, mitigate compliance risk and support a culture of cost management. Today, companies such as Amtrak, Duke Energy, Southern Company, TransCanada, Verizon and Williams use PowerPlan to manage the detailed information for every asset required to maximize their value and optimize financial performance. Only PowerPlan offers the leading asset-centric software solution built specifically for companies who construct and retain assets and whose assets impact pricing decisions. PowerPlan arms executives with a fully integrated suite of asset-centric accounting, tax and budgeting/analytics software solutions that seamlessly augments, integrates and translates all the data gaps shared between GL-based ERP and EAM systems. Sophisticated asset-centric accounting capabilities make these systems run more efficiently by automating the complete asset lifecycle from planning through retirement to improve cash flow, tax minimization and manage costs at a detailed level while tightly controlling compliance across multiple jurisdictions. PowerPlan customers benefit from a strategic partnership. PowerPlan acts as an extension of your operating committee to help solve problems, handle unexpected events or shifts in priorities that inevitably arise. PowerPlan clients tap into the accumulated knowledge, best practices and decades of expertise derived from actively managing assets worth over $2 trillion. The world’s most demanding asset-intensive companies trust PowerPlan to help optimize their financial performance.

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