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Too Many Questions

  • How much time did we invest in this account?
  • How many dollars?
  • How much should I charge a client?
  • Am I getting maximum productivity from my staff?
  • Are my receivables being collected? How soon?

These are questions to which professionals need answers if they are to be successful. They must have absolute control over their most valuable asset. Time!

The Answers

Polymathic’s Time Accounting system helps professionals like yourself answer those nagging questions accurately, once and for all. Through detailed information provided by the system, you can spot today’s problems before they become tomorrow’s non-billable costs.

It enables you to account for and bill out the time spent and charges incurred by the individual firm members. The System accounts for each employee’s chargeable and non-chargeable time on a current and year-to-date basis by selectable reporting categories, expenses to be billed to clients, multiple categories of unbilled work in process for each client, and each client’s aged accounts receivable balance. It addresses the four major requirements of any time and billing system, namely accuracy, speed, on-demand status information and billing flexibility. Client reports may be run at any time and always show up-to-the-minute information. Much of the information in the system can be reported selectively.

Reports such as Detailed Client History, Partner Summary, Employee Timesheet Lists, Cash Receipts Lists, Billing Lists, Accounts Receivable Aging Reports are just some of the management tools provided by Polymathic’s Time Accounting System.


  • Weekly, semi-monthly and monthly timesheets are available
  • For proper accounting, it allows employees to enter billable and non-billable time spent on different projects
  • Charges are automatically extended at billing rates
  • Flexible alphabetic descriptions are entered and carried into ledger cards for analysis and billing justification
  • Non-billable time is properly accounted for and accumulated for analysis
  • Client number can be used to differentiate fiscal year breaks for a client, or operational breaks within a client

Detailed Client History

The Open Item and Balance Forward methods are simple and easy to use. In the detailed client history, all work-in-process is assembled by hours and dollars, with various options available for relieving work-in-process of charges billed. It also records billings, receipts and account balances.

  • Print options eliminate the printing of specified client ledger cards. The user can specify that ledger be printed for all clients, active clients or inactive clients and specially flagged clients.
  • Work-in-process relief options are available to the user
  • Alphabetic description is entered by the user on input sheets
  • Work-in-process totals are maintained for billing hours, time charges and expenses. Total billable represent net unbilled dollars (net work-in-process)
  • Hours worked are summarized into any work codes that the user designates
  • Group clients by partner in charge; appropriate totals provided for partner action

History Report

The History Report provides a recap of the client ledger in a condensed form for quick analysis of the most significant work-in-process with time and dollar figures for each client. The flexible printing format provides you with all necessary information in the sequence most suitable to your needs.

Employee Productivity Report

Increased efficiency in labour management is achieved through the use of information available in this report. It contains all productive and non-productive time worked, such as employee vacation, sick time and continuing education hours, to provide detailed analysis of productivity for each employee.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Time Accounting:

"Time Accounting" is part of the Polymathic General Accounting line of products, developed by Polymathic Group.