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A powerful, time-saving system developed by chartered accountants that eliminates tedious paperwork. Number of accounts limited only to amount of available disk space. User-defined Chart of Accounts, or Standard Chart of Accounts. User friendly data entry. System provides user with simple questions to answer with alternatives displayed on the screen. Automatic writing of debits and credits for all transactions. Data entered into the memory of the computer from one program can be automatically accessed by any of the other programs. The system is designed so that the user is required to have a minimum knowledge of accounting or computers.


  • Will interact Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Order Entry, Inventory Management, Fixed Assets and Time Accounting;
  • Designed to handle companies in any industry of any size;
  • Flexible so that reports can be tailored;
  • Income and expense percentages are automatically calculated;
  • Variable account descriptions give you complete flexibility;
  • Flexible account groupings allow you to summarize several accounts under one heading;
  • Direct transfer of data processing printouts into word processing and spreadsheets;
    • Flexible account structuring. The System uses a four digit alphanumeric major account and a two digit numeric subaccount number;
  • Multi-divisional features allow you to have up to 99 individual profit centers;
  • Financial statements may be provided on demand;
  • Easily accommodates any financial period;
  • Accounts automatically closed at year-end and balances transferred forward;
  • Summarized or detailed chart of accounts can be printed at any time;
  • Unlimited number of general ledger accounts may be scheduled by individual transaction;
  • Accounts may be scheduled in any order;
  • Standard journal entries may be set-up for such items as depreciation, prepaid expenses etc. and posted automatically;
  • Invalid account numbers are automatically rejected by the system.
  • Field duplication key so that repeated information can be duplicated from transaction to transaction by pressing the ENTER key;
  • Unlimited number of journal entries;
  • Annual budget amounts;
  • Account history is automatically accumulated and stored;
  • Comparative statements may be produced;
  • Accruals automatically picked up from subsequent periods.
  • Leadsheet production;
  • Allows for duplication of standard or existing chart of accounts and financial statement codes for new companies;

ODBC compliant to allow data and file transfers into database, spreadsheet and word-processing modules. User may query or rearrange information contained in the General Ledger files. Produce custom reports, update budgets and cash flows, compute financial ratios, select audit samples, query selected information, produce charts and graphics for presentation… that’s just a sample of the uses you will find using this integrated package.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with General Ledger:

"General Ledger" is part of the Polymathic General Accounting line of products, developed by Polymathic Group.