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A comprehensive, time-saving payroll system that calculates and prints cheques and provides distribution to multiple General Ledger accounts (interacts with General Ledger Program). The program gives you efficient handling of hourly, salaried and commissioned employees. Calculate income tax, U.I.C., C.P.P., Q.P.P., regular overtime and vacation pay for all provinces and territories. Quickly and easily print T-4 slips, pay cheques and a variety of other useful reports.


  • Processes payroll for both multi company and multi division
  • Handles weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly and annual pay frequencies
  • Calculates hourly, salary, salary plus hourly, shift premiums, commission payrolls etc.
  • Provides for automatic preparation of T4’s and T4 summaries
  • Interfaces with the General Ledger system to allow distribution of payroll costs to general ledger accounts
  • Distributes employee gross pay to departments or cost centres
  • Distributes deductions to specified general ledger accounts
  • Accumulates totals for printing selected reports
  • Provides for up to 50 types of earnings and deductions
  • Handles multiple-rate overtime calculations automatically
  • Has complete employee file maintenance: add, delete, modify, display and list
  • Allows entry and editing of all earnings and deductions data, including hours, dollar amounts rates etc.
  • Allows optional distribution of payroll costs to multiple General Ledger accounts
  • Automatically calculates the gross payroll, taxes and voluntary deductions
  • Allows manual entry of transactions to adjust the computer cheques

Commonly Asked Questions

  • What type(s) of payroll earnings categories can be processed?
    • Salary draw against commission
    • Salary with overtime piecework
    • Hourly fixed amount on a project basis
    • Straight commission
  • Can more than one of the above categories be used for a single employee?
    • Yes
  • Can the software automatically calculate commission earnings from sales data?
    • Yes
  • Can there be more than one commission rate for a single salesperson?
    • Yes
  • For a single employee, can there be more than one rate of pay within one pay period? (eg. shift bonus)
    • Yes
  • Can the software account for sub-contract personnel?
    • Yes
  • What is the maximum number of employees (all earnings categories) which can be on the payroll in any one pay period?
    • Limited only by disk space
  • What is the maximum number of records in the personnel file?
    • Limited only by disk space
  • What pay period can be used?
    • Weekly
    • Every two weeks
    • Twice a month
    • Once a month
    • Annually
  • Which form of payroll payment will the software account for?
    • Cash
    • Cheque
    • Bank transfer
  • What is the maximum number of different deduction categories (eg. C.P.P., U.I.C., union dues etc.) which the software will support?
    • 50
  • In addition to current salary and position information in the personnel file, is it possible to maintain previous salary and employment position detail for employee history inquiries and reports?
    • Yes
  • Can the software account for vacation and sick time accrued?
    • Yes
  • Can the payroll expenses be allocated to individual profit centres?
    • Yes
  • Which payroll and personnel reports can be printed?
    • Payroll journal
    • Deductions register
    • T4’s and T4 summary
    • Summary payroll report
      • by employee
      • by cost centre
      • by general ledger distribution
    • U.I.C. termination slips and summary report
    • Employee year-to-date earnings record
    • Vacation and sick pay accrual report
    • Taxable benefits report
    • Personnel records - all detail
    • Personnel records - summary
  • Can the software print pay cheques?
    • Yes

Other Applications

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