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The Sales Quote/Order/Invoice Document Writer allows you to prepare quotes, orders and invoices to service your customers and organize your inventory.

  • E-mail, fax or print quotes, orders and invoices
  • Sale documents can be up to 1,000 rows long
  • Converts quotes to orders and orders to invoices on demand
  • Quotes, orders and invoices remain on-line indefinitely. Vital for a near-paperless environment
  • Changes invoice number on backorders
  • Prints assembly detail on documents, if needed
  • Quotes and orders can be recalled and used to create a new order
  • Update Inventory “committed sales” when order is entered. Updates “on hand“ when shipped
  • User-defined print/fax format. Up to 68 cells of information for each document
  • Customer setup window supports international addresses
  • Numbers documents automatically
  • Create backorders at user’s option
  • Supports EDI translation
  • Supports multiple warehouses
  • Supports serial/lot numbers
  • Allows voiding of open orders
  • Copy a purchase order as a sales order (just-in-time inventory)
  • Scan backorders in backorder chain
  • Supports contract pricing (a separate price for each customer)
  • Supports customer item numbers
  • Customer Purchase Order Number search (by customer or global for all customers)
  • Supports requisition ordering
  • A ”Roll Through“ option allows you to scan customer orders electronically
  • Calculate commissions by item

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Sales Quote/Order/Invoice:

"Sales Quote/Order/Invoice" is part of the Plus & Minus Professional line of products, developed by Plus & Minus Software.