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Features Include

  • Supports LIFO, FIFO, Specific Unit, Moving Average, Retail Sales and Lower of Cost or Market costing methods
  • Provides up to a 15 character ID for each item
  • Tracks in real-time; quantities on-hand, on-order, committed and transfers
  • Discounts on multiple items by percent, amount or both
  • Handles change by range of items, departments or vendor
  • Prices per item can be adjusted up or down by customer and/or salesperson
  • Prices can be changed in a Plus & Minus spreadsheet using formulas or exported to any popular spreadsheet and imported back
  • Enter and store prices by amount or as percent markup above current cost
  • Once entered on an invoice, price and cost does not fluctuate
  • User defined template for entry of inventory items. Change any system-provided defaults or add additional default information into any inventory item master record field to save time when setting up new items
  • Items can be imported from spreadsheet
  • Item look up items number or description
  • Track by serial number
  • Track by lot number
  • Track items by departments
  • Track items by warehouse
  • Provides multi-level assembly and disassembly capabilities for the selling of items comprised of several components
  • Provides vendor history; sales, returns, adjustments and receipts
  • Extends selling price up to four digits to the right of decimal point
  • Indefinitely retains inventory transaction detail for historical reporting on each or specific items
  • Supports bar coding when receiving, moving or shipping
  • Carry company bar code ID and/or customer bar code ID (necessary for items using UPC codes)
  • Physical inventory can be bar scanned and entered on an electronic worksheet
  • Up to 4 by 40 character rows to describe each item
  • Allows up to 16 by 40 character rows for extended description
  • Up to 68 definable item cells

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Inventory:

"Inventory" is part of the Plus & Minus Professional line of products, developed by Plus & Minus Software.