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Plus & Minus Software

A developer of business management software.

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We are a leader in developing, marketing and supporting business management solutions for the mid-market, from small businesses to corporate enterprises the world over. As a pioneer in the application of a truly revolutionary architecture to business software applications, we provide fast, reliable, and cost-effective accounting/ERP applications that include all the functionality necessary for all facets of managing today’s increasingly complex business.

Built around a single file, our solutions enable our customers to take full control of their business and financial systems in order to achieve increased profitability, increased market share, reduced operating costs, and improved productivity and efficiency. While our products have long served as the exclusive tool of a few successful consulting practices, Plus & Minus is now focused on achieving significant growth and expansion through the addition of new business partner relationships with CPA firms, computer VARs, and application service providers.

The single file design structure of Plus & Minus Software Corporation was originally developed in 1982. While various enhancements, features and functionality have been added through the years, the original file format has never changed. This is a tribute to the simplicity and stability of the system.

Plus & Minus Software Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Information Technologies Group, Inc., based in Houston, TX.

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