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In 1999, Chris Loranger, a dairy farmer with a love for computers, moved to Toronto where he met a drywall contractor who hired him to build an estimating system. Chris asked his cousin Jay Fraser, a computer engineer, for help and the project was completed.

The success of their estimating system led to a request for project management and accounting tools. Chris’ brother Remi, a robotics engineer, and lifelong friend Jeni Mitchell, a graduate of kinesiology, joined the team and helped create the Drywall ERP.

When contractors learned how Plexxis eliminates the frustrations caused by many construction management software and by using separate systems, Plexxis soared from a staff of 4 to almost 40.All profit has been, and continues to be, invested into taking the trade to a whole new level.

Today, the Plexxis team delivers so much value to wall and ceiling contractors that the Drywall ERP has replaced almost every leading construction software yet none have ever replaced the Drywall ERP.

With the strategic advisory of two of North America’s top performing C.E.O.’s, Plexxis has an incredible plan for continued sustainable success.

While the achievements to date are impressive, the years ahead will bring our customers to a whole new level of performance!

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