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Plex Cloud ERP

A web‑based ERP system designed by Plex Online for manufacturing companies.
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In a time when manufacturers are beset by an uncertain economy rising steel prices, and global competition, Plexus Online is a critical tool for growth, profitability and continuous improvement. Plexus Online boosts productivity, improves quality, streamlines operations and reduces costs by providing manufacturers with the crucial information and control mechanisms they need to remain competitive in today’s tough marketplace.

Plexus Online is an online solution. It is accessible through the Internet with a standard Web Browser. No software is installed on the PC. No servers, databases, backups, or other infrastructure are required. Plexus Online provides an enterprise solution on demand, anytime, anywhere. The fact that it is Internet based and requires no infrastructure to implement, makes it ideal for managing multiple plants and for linking customers, suppliers, and employees into a centralized database of real-time information no matter where they are in the world.

Plexus Cloud ERP offers the industry a number of firsts:

  • It is the first and only online accounting AND manufacturing system It is the first and only fully-integrated manufacturing system that pulls together engineering, quality management, production tracking, tool tracking, traceability, release accounting, EDI, and all the other areas of the company into a seamless whole
  • It is the first and only on demand business solution specifically designed for manufacturing. It provides detailed features and capabilities that manufacturers require, but generic business solutions do not provide.
  • It is the first and only system that provides true interconnection between the engineering, quality, and production and accounting departments. Engineering specifications (part dimensions & tolerances) are linked into the quality documents (FMEA, Control Plan, Flow Chart, etc.), the Process Instructions used to setup the job, the Inspection Checksheets used to collect measurement data, and the physical activities that occur on the shop floor. Shipments, receipts, and production integrate directly to accounting for real-time WIP visibility.
  • It is the first and only information system that not only provides a full business solution, but electronically links to and controls production machinery on the shop floor. The system will physically shut down a press if bad parts are being made, or an untrained operator attempts to operate it, or the wrong tooling is installed in the press.
  • It is the first and only information system that utilizes Plexus’ highly innovative Online Development Environment, which combines Rapid Application Development (RAD) and Just In Time (JIT) with the power of the Internet in order to establish a real-time delivery and feedback loop between users, developers, and software designers. This creates an engine of rapid continuous improvement not just for the Plexus Cloud ERP software itself, but the manufacturing companies that use it; the system becomes a vehicle for change and innovation within the manufacturer.
  • It is the first and only information system that has been designed with a database structure that combines the strength of a standardized platform with the flexibility to be custom configured to each company’s specific needs.

Popular Functionality Modules

Engineering Modules Include: Part List Process Routings Bill of Materials Multi-Out Production Customer Part Numbers Manufacturing Masters CAD Integration Engineering Change Request…

Production Tracking Modules Include: Production Tracking OEE Reporting Control Panel Workcenter Tracking Workcenter List Shift Setup Job Tracking System Job Sets Job Templates Job Tracker Job…

Shipping Modules Include: Customer Shipping Shipping Labels Packaging Warehouse Picking and Staging Customer Returns (RMA) Drop Shipping from Subcontract General Shipping…

Quality Modules Include: Part Specifications FMEA Control Plans Dynamic Control Plans Checksheets & Process Instructions Inspection Data Collection SPC Electronic Gage -…

Program Management Modules Include: Customer Programs Program Manager Program Iterations R&D Project Manager…

Complete Functionality Module List

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