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A developer of business management software designed for the distribution industry.

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Malibu CONNECTS your business:

Malibu is a business management software and database application that helps fill sales orders from stock or from the purchasing process.

MALIBU’s mission is to provide Instant ROI for your company.

Malibu’s benefits to your business include:

  • Integrated Executive, Sales Order, Purchase Order, Inventory, A/P, A/R, G/L and Banking & Reconciliation.
  • One database for all of your key data.
  • Easy to modify for your needs, written in Microsoft Access (ALL source code is included).
  • Includes Training and Technical Documentation (Word Format)
  • Integrates with online stores, Quickbooks, Microsoft, Accpac, Best and others
  • Microsoft Office based, so you already know the commands.
  • Security with Multi Company, Division, Location and Department.

What does MALIBU track for your business?

  • Customer/Vendor Accounts are created
  • A Sales Order is either allocated from stock or fed to purchasing
  • Allocated stock is pulled to staging, Purchase
  • Orders are created and sent for the needed items
  • Part receipts are recorded against a PO (matched to the Sales Order and sent to the staging area) or sent to Stock
  • Shipping and Invoicing transactions are tracked
  • Back Order and Short/Cancel Items are processed
  • Shipping Labels are printed
  • Invoices are aged, statements sent and payments are applied
  • PO receipts are matched with vendor bills and created
  • Bills are aged, cash flow is reported, and bills are paid
  • Checks and deposits are reconciled to GL and bank recs
  • Monthly reconciliations are performed (Bank, AR, AP, PR, Inventory) to GL.
  • General Ledger (BS/IS) Chart of Accounts, groups and reports are created
  • Inventory Master and transactions are tracked
  • Advance payments (Proforma Invoice and Deposit)
  • Refunds (Credit and Debit Memo), RMA (Customer and Vendor)

Keeping accurate inventory is a big, important part of your business!

Control your inventory, or be controlled by it is the heart of MALIBU’s design and programming philosophy.

MALIBU is an open ended solution that balances cost and effort against accurate, timely inventory counts.

We use our proven Specific Costing methodology to Track your inventory, this is the very best method to control inventory quantities, carrying costs, and cost of goods sold within the Durable Goods and Wholesale Trade. This is the cornerstone of accurate inventory, financial, commissions and COGS.

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