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In 1991, Piracle, Inc. launched Create-A-Check, a check printing and payment management software that seamlessly integrated with the most widely-used accounting packages. Most notably, it gave users the ability to print the entire check run in one pass on blank check stock using a local printer or a secure network printer. Additionally, the software’s security component was designed to dramatically reduce fraud threats commonly with traditional check printing.

Since then, Create-A-Check has become the popular choice of businesses that wish to reduce payment management costs, decrease labor expenses and reduce the risk of check fraud. Satisfied customers trust our commitment to quality products and services because of our strict adherence to the standards set by the American Banking Association (ABA), and the American National Standard Institute (ANSI). Since its introduction in 1991, the Create-A-Check system has been deployed in more than 6,000 companies in 23 countries.

In the last 12 years, our company has been honored with various awards from the industry and the business community. In fact, Create-A-Check was selected by Inc. 500 as one of the nation’s top privately-held companies.

Not satisfied to rest on our laurels, we have been busy adding even more features to our already popular software. This has resulted in the release of PAYCENTREX™. With its robust offerings, PAYCENTREX™ is destined to become the leading laser check printing software.

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  • Paycentrex

    An accounts payable application designed by Piracle.

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