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Create an automated Prequalification forms.

  • Use default questions or create custom questions.
  • Allows subs to upload documents such as insurance certificates or financial information at your request.
  • Save existing forms and create new ones as needed.
  • Subs without email can get the form faxed.

Subcontractor/Supplier Management.

  • Manage which subs are qualified to bid your projects. Automatically assign Qualified or Unqualified subs into custom Groups such as “Qualified 2012” or “Unqualified” which you can view when selecting bidders.
  • Keep your database current. Also can be used as an “Update Your Info” blast to all subs.
  • Forms are saved in each sub’s company/contact record.

Integrate into Your Company Website.

  • Embed the sign-up form into company website. Rather than typing new company/contacts into your database, direct new subs to your website to add themselves to your database (upon your final approval).

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with pipelinePreQual:

"pipelinePreQual" is part of the pipelineSuite line of products, developed by pipeline.