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Phyletec for Packaging Matrial Distributors

A software system designed by PhyleTec for distribution/wholesale trade companies.
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As a packaging material distributor, you face complexities that are difficult to manage. Customers want to buy in one unit of measure, price in another and to top it off; you need to buy it in yet another unit of measure. PhyleTec understands your challenges because we built PhyleTec for people just like you.

We also understand the importance of managing inventory levels to ensure appropriate order fill-rates without holding excess inventory. Excess inventory costs you money, but lost orders cost you even more. You need tools that are simple - yet effective. The PhyleTec team understands that you don’t want to earn a PhD in software in order to be able to maintain appropriate inventory levels. Simply set the right min/max/reorder levels and PhyleTec will tell you when it’s time to reorder. You can use our usage reports or easily create your own with the drag and drop report writer in order to determine if your inventory levels are optimal.

When product is received, use handheld or lift-mounted devices to scan barcodes, or print your own tracking barcode labels. From then on, PhyleTec will track the exact location of each skid, roll, or carton. You decide the level of tracking that is right for you.

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