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A developer of business management software.

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For almost 30 years, UDI has been manufacturing data collection hardware and software for inventory management. We know what it takes to manage inventory starting in the warehouse.

When a fortune 500 company asked us to develop a warehouse management system for them, we used our collective knowledge to build a system that works for the people actually doing the work. As we expand the functionality of the PhyleTec system, we maintain the same principle both within the organization and across the supply chain.

At our core, we are about two things:

  • People matter most — it is our relationships and our understanding of how people work that drives everything we do
  • Good supply chains drive success — it is no longer good enough to run your own business well. You need to be part of a successful chain of customers and suppliers to have long-term stability and growth

Get to know us. You will find that we are hardworking people that are here to help you be more successful.

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