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The JDHOPS Time and Attendance (T&A) is fully integrated with the Ops Job Costing and Payroll modules.

The system is designed using a rugged Linux terminal that supports magnetic card and bar code scanning. The magnetic card reader is typically used to scan an employee’s personalized Time Card that is encoded with their employee ID information. The bar code reader is used to scan the job code that the employee is working on. In Ops the Job Costing module has the ability to print bar codes on the work order sheet.

The T&A System is comprised of one or more Linux terminals connected to a central scanning system. Features of the system include the following:

  • The Linux terminal is capable of operating in a stand alone mode or in a polled mode. In the Stand Alone Mode the system will operate in the event that the central scanning system has failed or crashed for whatever reason. The software in the terminal will detect if the scanning system is operational. If it is not operational the software will allow for transactions to be created with no central editing of the data and store these transactions in the terminal. When the scanning unit subsequently comes back on line it will upload all transactions that were entered into the terminal while the scanning system was off line.
  • In the Polled Mode each transaction entered into the data terminal is interactively validated by the scanning system. These validations include checking the employee number, status and job number(s).
  • The system tracks plant attendance and allows for viewing of staff members that are present as well as those that are absent.
  • Ability to record time spent on individual work orders. The system also manages situations where employees are working on more than one work order concurrently.
  • The system supports overtime calculations based on customer specific business rules.
  • Individual employee transactions may be handled from any terminal. Because the employee status files are centrally maintained in the scanning system it is possible to have employees CLOCK IN at one terminal and CLOCK OUT at another terminal.
  • The scanning system automatically maintains the job end transactions. These transactions are created when the employee clocks out of the factory. Similarly when he comes back for the next shift he will be automatically logged back on to the jobs that he left the previous shift. When an employee logs on to a new job the system automatically logs him off the previous job or jobs he was working on.
  • Special job end functions are incorporated to process employees that work through the midnight shift to ensure that hours are reported in the correct days for the purposes of payroll and month end cut offs.
  • The matching of start and end times creates a time record that can be edited manually to allow for either incorrect scanning or any error that has occurred in the process. Matched time records are transferred to the Job Costing system.
  • A variety of status and management reports (such as job activity, employee productivity, etc.)

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Time and Attendance:

"Time and Attendance" is part of the JDH OpS line of products, developed by Phoenix Systems.