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This module enables sales staff to provide customers and prospects with complex quotations and then translate them into orders. Key features include:

  • Efficient interface for quote entry and management
  • Ability to maintain a sales prospect database including multiple contacts and titles and multiple ship locations
  • Variety of customizable forms to print purchase agreements, sophisticated quotes and proposals. Ability to set up group custom titles for the purpose of output printing as well as for grouping (option) of component prices.
  • Ability to designate quotes as templates and use the templates as building blocks for the creation of new quotes. Also the ability to duplicate quotations for either the same or alternate customer or prospect.
  • Automated conversion of approved quotes into order transactions for immediate order processing
  • Flexible price calculation controls including margin percentage, markup and discount
  • Immediate access to product information including inventory availability, pricing and other product attributes while entering a quote
  • Automatic calculation and display of sales margin in dollars and percentage for each item and for the entire quote.
  • Facility to create quotes for bill of material type products, either displaying all items or just the group header. Also the facility to have pricing displayed at the item level, group level, or just a total for the entire quotation. You can even modify part descriptions without altering the original system part description.
  • Facility to create quotations for periodic billings. The periodicity of the billings is either by month, quarter or year. The periodic billing function when activated will scan all quotations designated as periodic and will create either open orders, shipped orders or only Invoices (user selectable) for these quotes. Also the ability is provided to select quotes by Keyword.
  • Sales management and forecast reports

Each quotation has a number of key information components that are used to track and assist in the sales management function. This includes the probability of winning the quote, the expected award date and the quote status (Open, Won, Lost. Other).

The system has a number of key management reports. A Monthly Sales Activity report by rep identifies quotations opened awarded and lost for the month and tracks the activities of the individual sales representatives. A sales forecast report identifies and projects sales by customer and by time frame. It shows all open quotations based on expected award date and probability of winning. The combination of these and other reports provide a powerful sales management tool.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Quotations:

"Quotations" is part of the JDH OpS line of products, developed by Phoenix Systems.