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Simplifies the employee payroll process

With PFW Direct Payroll Deposit configured in the PFW business system — and the help of your bank — payroll-licensed PFW system users can electronically transmit payroll information to your bank.

PFW Direct Payroll Deposit allows you to perform real-time transmissions to banks, which results in immediate payroll processing — with the advantage that discrepancies can be corrected prior to payday. Electronic deposits mean avoiding long bank lineups to process payroll — or cash paychecks. As well, with PFW Direct Payroll Deposit, your employees receive their paychecks on-time, every time. All of these benefits are available without having to follow complicated procedures: simply perform your standard payroll procedure and then select the appropriate bank from the drop-down menu.

To date, direct-deposit communications have been established on behalf of PFW customers with several ACH (Automated Clearing House) -based US financial institutions and the following: The Royal Bank, CIBC, The National Bank of Canada, TD Canada Trust, The Bank of Montreal, and the Bank of Hong Kong. For those without an ACH approved bank, or those not affiliated with any of the above mentioned banks, PFW can develop the necessary software to allow you to take advantage of direct payroll deposit.

Getting Started

The following steps must be taken before PFW Direct Payroll Deposit can be implemented:

  • For ACH customers, please ensure that your bank is included in the previously-noted list of banks that are currently established. Contact PFW after confirming this with your bank and then inform your branch of your intent to establish direct payroll deposit through PFW. The bank should then send you an application form regarding your pertinent payroll-processing details.
  • Forward the payroll deposit specifications to PFW to ensure compatibility with existing ACH formats. If no compatibility exists, PFW will create an ACH format specific to your bank.
  • Complete the pre-installation work by entering all employee bank information into your payroll system (from an employee-supplied “void” check). By entering this information on the employee maintenance screen, the system is alerted that the method of payment is direct deposit.
  • Install the Bank Deposit Download, and have PFW dial into your computer to set up your tables with the appropriate values. Once your check run is complete, run the Bank Deposit Download and choose the appropriate bank from the drop-down menu.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Direct Payroll Deposit:

"Direct Payroll Deposit" is part of the PFW IntelliDealer Financial Management line of products, developed by PFW Systems Corporation.