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Pervasive Data Management

A developer of business management software.

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Pervasive Software (NASDAQ: PVSW) helps companies get the most out of their data investments through embeddable data management, agile data integration software and revolutionary next-generation analytics. The embeddable Pervasive PSQL database engine allows organizations to successfully embrace new technologies while maintaining application compatibility and robust database reliability in a near-zero database administration environment.

Pervasive’s multi-purpose data integration platform accelerates the sharing of information between multiple data stores, applications, and hosted systems, and allows customers to re-use the software for diverse integration scenarios.

For more than two decades, Pervasive products have delivered value to tens of thousands of customers in more than 150 countries with a compelling combination of performance, flexibility, reliability and low total cost of ownership. Through Pervasive Innovation Labs, the company invests in exploring and creating cutting edge solutions for the toughest data analysis and data delivery challenges.

Product Lines

  • AuditMaster

    An auditing application designed by Pervasive Data Management.

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