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The Production Tracking subsystem gives you computer assisted control for you manufacturing environment. This software will assist you with scheduling, batch like processes, cutting lists, piece tickets, and more. This module will also maintain and update the Master Production Schedule with New orders and schedule changes. To provide your management with the best possible information, you are given key production calculations, analysis and reports. Implementation of this product will lower your inventory carrying costs, control out of stock situations, and reduce production costs. Order Processing, Work Orders, Production Orders, Inventory, and Purchasing all integrate with Production Tracking to provide a powerful set of production tracking and support tools.

The Master Production schedule allows you to view all of your production requirements for a given process or work center. As orders or processes are rescheduled for more efficient plant operation, the new Master Production Schedule reflects these changes instantaneously to keep your plant running efficiently. All orders can be found in the system by looking up order number, customer name, etc. Operation maintenance gives you the ability to view each items production processes by work center or operation. Scheduling of new orders can be done in groups or individually, with just a few simple key-strokes. Some of the additional features of this module include:

  • Piece tickets are automatically printed for each item
  • Orders can be created with many variable options not defined to inventory
  • Order statuses show each orders current completed processes, the date they were completed, which processes remain, and the date they are scheduled.
  • Eliminate late orders by using the Potential Late Order report
  • View order profitability from anticipated labor and materials costs
  • POs are generated automatically from the net inventory requirements after the Master Schedule is finalized.
  • Production Orders can be automatically generated for material which is produced in house.

Reports available in this module include:

  • Process Structure Report
  • Master Production Schedule
  • Piece Tickets
  • Cutting List
  • Potential late Order Report
  • Profit by Order Report.
  • Planned Order Report