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The Sales Analysis module will maintain your complete sales history for a selected number of years. All data stored in this module can be accessed in reports or through inquiries. You can choose to maintain history for every individual customer or selected customers; and for each or selected items on a monthly basis for the number of years chosen. Information is maintained by quantity or dollar, and the module is fully integrated into Receivable, Inventory Control and Order Processing providing account and stock managers current sales information when they need it. Some additional features you will receive with this module include:

  • Each line item sold is retained for any number of years (up to 100)
  • Sales for each customer are kept by item, month, quantity, sale dollar amount, YTD sales, YTD total and all items total.
  • You can track information on any combination of item, item category class, G/L class, warehouse/location, quantity, sale dollar amount, etc.
  • Product class analysis gives you information for each product class; included are current month, YTD, class total, warehouse/location total and company total.

The following inquiries can be performed:

  • Item Detail Inquiry - on screen inquiry for all items sold by company, warehouse/location, item number, date sold, number of units sold, sale dollar amount, profit dollar amount, units on hand at time of sale and update status.
  • Item History Inquiry - on screen inquiry for all items sold by company, warehouse/location, item number and year.
  • Customer/Zip History Inquiry - shows all items sold by customer or zip code
  • Customer/Zip Purchase History - item, 12 month period selected, number of units, sale dollar amount, YTD sales per item, Monthly totals all items, YTD totals all items.
  • Item Sales History - shows item sales by warehouse, category, item number, 12 month period selected, number of units, sale dollar amount, number of units per category and sale dollar amount per category for monthly and YTD totals.
  • Category/Warehouse Summary - Shows the sales of a particular category of merchandise and how various warehouses/locations compare to each other.
  • Item Profit Ranking - shows your management information regarding the profitability of your business
  • MTD Sales by Territory & Salesman - shows all sales by territory and salesman or representative
  • Customer Sales Summary - shows customer sales in summary form
  • Customer Sales/Profit Ranking - ranking of customers based on sales or profit.
  • Item Detail By Date
  • Sales Detail By Date