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A software system designed by PEM Software Systems.
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The CAP © Software (Contractor’s Application for Payment) keeps track of contractors, architects, customers, previous applications, multiple companies and much more! The CAP© is a powerful program written specifically to handle your AIA* form completion needs and much more. The program manages your database for you, next applications, previous application changes and billing retainage are easily done.

The CAP© Software Completes all these AIA* Documents and Prints Our Generic Forms for the same purpose:

G702, G702/CMa, G703, (G703UnitPricing), G701, G701/CMA, G704, G706, G706A, G707, G709, G716, G736CMa, G737/CMA, G732, G810

G702/G703 Billing features:

  • All calculations are done for you
  • G702 automatically calculated
  • Create subtotals, Page breaks
  • No limits: lines, applications, etc.
  • All Prints Preview to Screen
  • Print our CAP forms as blanks to plain paper. Use the blank forms as worksheets.
  • Click one button for next application and all values are calculated and moved to previous for you. You just enter the current billing.
  • Manages Previous Applications for you. The CAP© has a complete Database for your Previous Applications, Print applications and/or restore to the previous
  • Application and make changes.
  • Retainage: Set by application or by 
  • Line Item, percentages or fixed amounts.
  • PEM Exclusive: Have you ever billed an amount but received less? The CAP has a Net Payment due option that shows what you’ve billed and been paid. No need to adjust previous applications anymore.
  • Current period Billing by 
  • Percentage or Dollar amounts.
  • Format Your Item numbers with any Characters and/or numbers.
  • Insert in Place, no need to renumber lines, the program will ask you what you want and do it for you.
  • User defined Group Subtotals, Page breaks, Insert lines in place, and line renumbering. Format Your Item numbers with any characters and/or numbers.
  • Copy all the data in an application or from specific lines within an application, no need to retype similar applications or lines.

Contract Features:

  • Input your information for all your contracts using an easy to follow format. Check your information without wasting forms: review your data on-screen or print out a plain paper copy of the data you input and check it over before printing on to an AIA Original*.
  • Create as many addendums (additional Information) as you need, for any or all of the contract articles.
  • Copy your Contract information to the same project or to other projects. No need to type it all in again for similar contract requirements.

Report Features:

  • Statements: Lists your application for payments and the payments/credits you receive and you can produce customer statements by date.
  • Billing Worksheets: an easy way to determine billing amounts you need to enter. * The worksheet prints line items not billed and gives you fill in the blanks for next billing amounts.
  • Billing Recap: show the billing activity of the projects in the system.
  • Balance to Finish: get a listing of all your projects with ‘Balance to Finish’.

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