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The Work Order Forms consist of a summary page and detail form. The work order items can be built to stock or built to order. Sales order items can be selected directly from an active order list. The information required to open the work order is automatically inserted. The details can be manually adjusted if desired. If the Documentation for a given order item is not complete or if an engineering change notice is active for the work order item, visual warnings will appear on the screen to indicate all issues that must be resolved. The stock is checked for all required components and low quantities will be clearly evident. Once an item has been built it will automatically be added to finished goods inventory and the used components will be back-flushed from stock when the work order is closed. Note that active work orders drive material allocations and requirements.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Work Orders:

"Work Orders" is part of the PEDYN P2000 line of products, developed by PEDYN.