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A web‑based ERP system designed by PEDYN for manufacturing companies.
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The PEDYN P2000 is a powerful Engineering and Manufacturing Software Program that uses Microsoft Access as a platform. The graphical design and drill down navigation make the P2000 very easy to learn and use. Since the program is contained in a MS Access Database, it interfaces well with other software. This MRP manufacturing software program can be easily customized to fit your specific business requirements. The P2000 is expandable, flexible and provides the perfect low cost solutions for small to mid size engineering and manufacturing companies.

P2000 Standard Features

  • MRP-Manufacturing Resource Planning
  • Switchboard / Drill Down Navigation
  • Item Master (Company Parts List)
  • Inventory Management
  • Inventory Details and Allocations
  • Where Used List
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Shortages and Allocations Reports
  • Product List & Profit Margins
  • Purchase Orders and Receivables
  • Work Orders
  • Order Entry and Shipping
  • Vendor List / Rep List / Customer List
  • Salesman and Commission Details
  • Released Order Item Summary
  • Expandable, Flexible & Easy to use
  • Multi-User / Permission Controls
  • Low Cost / Free Support / No Annual Fees
  • ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Bill of Materials Processor
  • BOM with Phantom Blow-Through
  • BOM with Multi-Level Blow-Through
  • BOM Reports (Single, Indented & Flat)
  • Engineering Change Orders (ECN, ECO)
  • Online Drawing Access
  • Documentation Control
  • Controlled Drawings List
  • On Line Drawing Sign-off and Release
  • Document Request
  • Engineering Support Request
  • Engineering Task Management
  • Drafting Task Management
  • Project & Department Management
  • Multi-Level User Security & Permissions
  • Interface with Accounting Programs
  • Write Custom Reports / Create New Forms

Popular Functionality Modules

P2000 MRP Operational Flow The P2000 MRP software and manufacturing operations program will manage all engineering and manufacturing operations, from the point of sale to shipment of products. The…

P2000 Program Navigation The program layout makes it extremely easy to navigate through the program forms. The Main Switchboard is a launching pad that opens top level program forms. Each top level…

Item Master The Item Master is a complete parts list of all company items. The main screen gives a quick summarized list of parts, descriptions, vendors, and drawing information. Drill…

Inventory Log and Inventory Details The Inventory Log is a complete summarized parts list of stocked company items. It provides a quick and easy means for reviewing company inventory. It features low level…

MRP Software Reports From the Inventory Log you will find several Manufacturing and Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Reports. These reports provide the user with valuable material requirement…

Complete Functionality Module List

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