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PDS Business Systems & Services

A developer of business management software designed for the consulting industry.

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PDS is a small business located in Fairfax VA. PDS has been providing government contract acquisition and financial management services to government and industry clients since its inception in 1985.

PDS’s specialty is helping small government contractors get compliant with the unique requirements the government imposes on accounting; including job costing, cost proposals, invoicing, rate development, collections, incurred cost audits, etc. Our senior staff has extensive experience with government contracts and financial management both inside and outside the government.

Training: PDS assists with operation trains client staff. We have developed a complete training curriculum including:

  • Accounting for Jobs. direct and indirect costs; overhead, general and administrative, direct, fringe); rate calculations.
  • Projecting Future Costs. bottoms up versus modeling techniques; application to Invoices, budgeting and cost proposals
  • Contract Pricing Types. Cost versus Fixed Price, Time and Materials, award, fixed, and incentive fee arrangements; Level of Effort versus Completion
  • Acquisition Authority and Regulations. Laws, OMB Circulars, FAR, GSA.
  • Contract Structure. Sections A, B, C, etc, SOWs, performance specifications, CLINS and task instructions.
  • Procurement Planning & Competition. Procurement cycle; selection procedures & methods, simplified acquisition; social and economic considerations.

Systems: PDS business process engineers help government contractor clients set up and operate their accounting and other business systems. We train them to use them effectively. We streamline their accounting process by integrating it with the rest of their operation. Our mantra is that people should spend their time analyzing and making decisions…computers should be used for recording and counting.

PDS has developed and deployed the Corp_ProSM DCAA compliant accounting and enterprise management system for use by small government contractors.

Services: PDS has experience with most commercial accounting systems including Deltek, MAS 90, QuickBooks, etc. We assist clients in a full spectrum of financial tasks, including:

  • Preparing budgets, forecasts and cash flow projections
  • Developing and defending indirect rates (overhead, fringe, G&A, etc)
  • Preparing and defending cost proposals
  • Processing payroll including monthly, quarterly and year end payroll reports; including 941, 940 and W2
  • Preparing for Audits DCAA and Bank/CPA reviews
  • Reconciliations. Bank accounts, payroll accounts, payables and receivables
  • Collections and Payments. Expense vouchers, purchase orders, invoices
  • Taxes and financial planning

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  • Corp_ProSM

    A multi-module management system designed by PDS Business Systems & Services.

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