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Provides production management with accurate and timely information on jobs, work-in-process, and production activity. It allows detailed planning and scheduling, and highlights shop floor problems as they occur. This package interfaces with Inventory Management, Product Definition, and optionally with Master Scheduling and MRP, Manufacturing Job Costing, and PBS Payroll. Important features of Shop Floor Control include:

  • Allows printing of shop order paperwork including shop order pick lists and routings (with or without barcodes).
  • Job and employee production reporting by operation
  • Reporting of manufacturing resource utilization and efficiency
  • Bar coding data collection options for shop activity and production reporting functions
  • Detailed shop order schedules are available by work center in reports or in real-time in displays
  • Check the status of a shop order in seconds and even drill down to the detailed labor transactions for any scheduled operation
  • Employee labor reports allow you to monitor all transactions on an order by order, or employee by employee basis
  • Tight integration to the Manufacturing Job Costing module automates the creation of the initial “estimated costs” in a job master Shop Order “explosion” process allows you to perform a single or multi-level explosion on orders
  • The single level explosion allocates level 1 components to the shop order according to the BOM
  • The multi-level explosion will perform the same function of the single level explosion, but when it encounters a manufactured component, it checks to see if there’s sufficient inventory available to meet the need. If so, it allocates the material and continues the process. If not, it creates a new shop order to meet the requirement, and automatically back schedules it to be ready in time to meet the requirement. This process continues until the entire indented BOM has been exploded