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  • Helps manage goods and services ordering, delivery tracking, and improves spending controls.
  • Allows numeric or alphanumeric purchase order numbers up to 15 characters in length.
  • Allows up to 999 lines per purchase order and up to 200 characters of description for any line item.
  • Handles multiple drop purchase orders if you receive goods at more than one location.
  • Handles blanket purchase orders and releases against them.
  • Handles order quantities up to 10,000,000 or down to 0.00001.
  • Allows different units and conversion factors to be used for stocking, ordering, and receiving.
  • Provides for inventory serialized and lot controlled item to enter the serial and lot numbers when receiving.
  • For any line item, allows up to four separate deliveries to the same or different locations.
  • Allows for receiving of goods on a line–by–line basis or for the entire purchase order at once.
  • Allows for receivings of goods not previously entered on a purchase order.
  • Informs you of incomplete shipments, both on the screen and on reports.
  • Keeps track of prices that were unknown at the time goods were received.
  • Able to print item labels when posting received purchase orders.
  • During Purchase Order Receivings, you are now able to see the running total received against the open Purchase Order, taking receipt of goods knowing that the purchase order matches perfectly.
    Or, take a partial delivery and know instantly how much is yet to be delivered in dollars and cents.
  • Prints a Purchasing Advice Report and Purchasing Worksheet to help you identify what should be purchased.
  • Prints an Expedite Shipment Report, a Follow–Up Past Due Shipments Report and a Receipts in Excess of Quantity Ordered Report.

Requires PBS Accounts Payable and optionally works with Inventory Control and Job Cost.