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Along with Inventory Management, helps to form the foundation of PBS Manufacturing . It allows you to create and maintain bills of material, work centers on the shop floor, and manufacturing routings. Estimated or standard product costs may be automatically calculated from this information using Product Definition’s cost roll-up tools. The information in this package may be used to simplify tasks like Material Requirements Planning, Capacity Planning, Shop Floor Scheduling and Job Costing. Highlights include:

  • Single level, indented, and summarized bills of material.
  • Single level component lists where used.
  • Component effective dates allow you to add and obsolete items over time and retain a full bill of material history.
  • Component fit lead time allows you to schedule a component to be available at some time after the start of production.
  • Low level coding speeds up data processing.
  • Automated cost roll-up tools.
  • Build new standard costs outside of your item masters and post them when the new cost period starts (when using Standard Costing method in inventory).
  • Standard operations may be established and used to identify common tasks quickly and easily in product routings. Changes to these tasks may be posted to all routings to reduce maintenance time when changes are needed.
  • Comprehensive engineering references may be attached to each BOM item along with detailed instructions to each routing operation.
  • Numerous reports and displays allow easy access to all information stored in Product Definition.