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Will ensure you have the material you need when you need it. To accomplish this, it provides planning functions for sales, production, and material requirements. The MRP “Explosion” process reviews all inventory supply and demand information, and provides you with reports that contain order action messages to help you meet your current scheduled requirements. This includes re-order, expedite, reschedule, and cancel messages as appropriate. It interfaces with Inventory Management, Product Definition, Customer Order Processing, and Product Purchasing. Highlights include:

  • Sales forecasting may be done on and item by item basis or items may be forecasted in groups.
  • Master Schedules may be generated and reviewed prior to the full MRP “Explosion”.
  • Flexible methods are available for generating Master Schedule and MRP requirements.
  • Firm Planned Orders for planning potential future demand.
  • User defined planning periods (bucketless MRP).
  • User defined forecasting periods which may differ from the planning periods.
  • Order pegging option allows you to peg a requirement to its source.
  • Detailed order action reporting for all items.
  • Items can be assigned to specific planners making reviewing information quicker and easier.
  • Purchase Order Action report may be printed by vendor making ordering materials a simple task.
  • Many reports and on-line displays are available that will allow you to simplify your material requirements function.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Master Scheduling & MRP:

"Master Scheduling & MRP" is part of the Passport Business Solutions line of products, developed by Passport Software.