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Job Cost provides the tools you need to track costs, income, and profits related to specific jobs and sub-jobs. Reports that tabulate and examine costs, compare actual with budgeted or estimated costs, and track job billings and payments are available.

  • New or in-progress jobs can be easily entered and edited.
  • Labor costs, material costs, subcontract costs, profit, and up to five user-defined cost types are tracked for management.
  • Cost categories are user-defined.
  • Budgets for all detailed costs can be entered. Jobs cannot be activated unless estimates are equal to the job price.
  • Budgets are tracked against actual costs incurred.
  • Tracks progress in terms of percentage completed and cost remaining to complete.
  • Completion estimates can be entered for individual parts of jobs. Generate completion estimate entries for all cost items for a job, as well as an entry for the entire job.
  • Completed jobs can be saved for viewing or later restoration to an active status.
  • Information for a new job can be quickly created by copying all or part of another job.
  • Costs for materials, subcontractors, and supplies can be entered in Accounts Payable and automatically transferred to the right jobs in Job Cost.
  • Materials stored in inventory and not yet allocated to any job can be transferred to the appropriate jobs from Inventory Control.
  • Billings to and payments from customers can be entered in Accounts Receivable and automatically transferred to the right jobs.
  • General journal entries from General Ledger can be transferred to the appropriate jobs. These include distribution of payroll taxes and workers’ compensation insurance premiums to jobs, posting of recognized profit to jobs, and adjustments because of previous entry errors.
  • Numerous reports such as Job Status Report, Job Performance Report, Job Profitability Report, Percentage of Completion Report and Cost Category Analysis are available.

Job Cost can be used independently or interfaced with PBS Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Payroll, Inventory Control, and Purchase Order.