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Allows manufacturers to plan optimal production based on actual requirements and plant capacity. Production bottlenecks and backload problems are identified before they occur allowing you to be proactive in your plant scheduling. Loading at critical work centers can be planned using the detail capacity planning tools or simulated using the rough cut planning tools. Capacity Planning is a powerful tool for better scheduling, routing, and manpower planning. Important features include:

  • Rough cut capacity planning may be done using “bills of resources” to simulate planned growth allowing you to plan your manpower accordingly.
  • The Detail Capacity Planning tools convert open and planned manufacturing orders from the MRP schedule to machine and labor resource loads. This allows timephased reporting of resource loads vs. planned work center capacities. Problems can be identified, and the schedule adjusted to improve overall flow on the production floor.
  • Labor hour requirements may optionally be converted to timephased dollar budgets for financial planning.
  • Detailed reports and displays will allow you to better manage your plant’s capacity and make better overall use of your manpower.