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  • Keep accurate information on vendor, supplier, and standard costs by tracking payment due dates, available discounts, and money owed to creditors.
  • Provides maintenance and lists of the vendors and on-line vendor account inquiry.
  • Allows entering, editing, and posting of new payables, prepaid, adjustments, and cancellations with edit list and journal.
  • An unlimited number of A/P accounts and cash accounts may be used.
  • Allows vendor terms and aging of accounts based on days or on day of month.
  • Allows you to enter, edit, and select recurring payables to turn into vendor invoices
  • Allows flexible payment selection, including partial payments, with a check selection edit list and Memo Payment tracking.
  • Optional use of memo transactions. Memo transactions are paid via credit card or other non-check means and these can be applied to your credit card vendor.
  • Prints A/P checks and a check register. Four check formats are provided. A blank stub format allows the use of the same checks for both Accounts Payable and Payroll. You save money by purchasing only one set of checks.
  • Checks can be generated immediately, a convenient feature for COD processing, etc. This also facilitates receivings and reduces manual check writing and repetitive data entry. For immediate payment, enter a non-A/P payable and print a check for that bill automatically. Immediate checks have the option to be voided and re-printed if not printed correctly the first time.
  • Enter and track the kind of purchased from but paid to information involved with credit cards, factoring, sales tax and similar transactions.
  • Enter and track sales tax paid on outof-state vendor purchases which may be used to reduce the use tax liability for any state.
  • Process transactions against PO receipts and validate any changes against PO amount, requiring an override if different. Create Positive Pay records for transmission to your bank for an effective anti-fraud tool for check disbursements.
  • ACH Payments for electronic AP disbursements.
  • Keeps a full vendor history showing the details of all entry and payment activity for as long as you want to keep it.
  • 1099 printing allows users to print
  • 1099s for a range of vendors.
  • Label printing provides the printing of a return address.
  • When using Job Cost, retainage payables are handled.
  • Many standard Accounts Payable reports are available.

May be interfaced to Passport Business Solutions General Ledger, Job Cost and/or Purchase Order, Check Reconciliation, or used stand-alone.