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Upon meeting Partywirks President and CEO Larry McLean, a few things are abundantly clear. First, he has an undeniable passion for the Partywirks Online Scheduling and Sales Software and, has a firm commitment to helping the small business person grow and thrive. He is after all a small business person himself; he understands what it takes to create a business, run a business, and grow a business. He also grew up in a family owned and operated business and this experience inspired his entrepreneurial spirit.

Larry launched his career in the software field during his senior year at Portland State University where he began a student internship with IBM. However, he never forgot his roots in a small family-owned business and when he found the opportunity to marry his skills and knowledge to the small business community, he took it!

continued with IBM for many years and with other industry giants such as Sequent Computer Systems and BroadVision. All the while Larry’s yearning for entrepreneurship was calling and after over 20 years in the high tech arena he decided to follow his dream. Larry incorporated Self Service Systems, Inc. and later Partywirks was born as a Brand of Self Service Systems, Inc. “Partywirks was established to fill the ever increasing demand for online scheduling and sales with a particular focus on companies that provide parties, group events, classes, workshops and other recurring events. These companies must compete in today’s online world and with today’s online shoppers.

Consumers are accustomed to online conveniences and they will not wait for a return phone call or a response to an online form. Partywirks offers our customers and their customers the ease, efficiency, and effectiveness of online reservations and sales.” Larry is proud that the company is committed to a single product focus. It is easy to succumb to the call to “be all things to all people” but in the world of complex technology and a competitive market he takes the position to focus on one product and make that one product the best that it can be. With a rapidly growing base of happy customers Partywirks has proven that this is an online service that clients want and that business owners need. As Larry likes to say “Let’s get this party started!”

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