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A developer of business management software.

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PartsVision specializes in working with assembler, distributor, manufacturer’s rep, and other wholesale businesses. Our software is developed and supported here in the U.S. Over the years we’ve helped companies grow and prosper, in some cases, from two-person offices to hundreds. We’re a small business helping small business to grow!

Brief review of the background of PartsVision, Inc.

  • PartsVision SD is principally responsible for product development
  • PartsVision WA is incorporated separately in a business development role
  • Developed the current product over a three-year period
  • Completed one year of beta testing with live paying customers in December of 2004
  • Open for sales in 2005. Targeted computer traders and landed first account in March. Installed the second (fairly large) account in April
  • Signed partner agreement with IBM, 2nd quarter
  • Preparing for August launch in aviation

Profile of the core PartsVision customer

  • Wholesale trader, maintenance, repair, service, leasing, broker, distributor, light manufacturer, third-party service company
  • Up to a hundred employees or so. This increases as the product expands in scope
  • The prospect is currently using a software solution(s) that is incomplete, outdated, high-maintenance and / or disconnected from other software and critical systems in the company
  • Desire a Microsoft platform to upgrade to from Dos, as opposed to a heavier solution
  • Software maintenance costs are approaching the licensing costs of a new system

Product Lines

  • Aviation Office Pro

    A full ERP system designed by PartsVision for commercial & service and distribution/wholesale trade companies.

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