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ParishSOFT / Church Management Solutions

A developer of software designed for small-businesses in the non-profit sector.

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ParishSOFT and its sister company, Church Management Solutions, provide a complete suite of software solutions that help churches manage their organizations, people, finances, and reporting from a single database.

The Web-based ConnectNow Church Accounting products give staff instant, secure access to their church and school financial information from any computer with Internet connection. Designed specifically for the church, ConnectNow Church Accounting lets you boost productivity, streamline management, and meet financial accounting standards.

With built-in nonprofit cost accounting for each ministry or event and secure Web access, the Ledger & Payables module gives churches the sophisticated tools they need to do proper fund accounting in a simple interface. Ledger & Payables offers a customized chart of accounts and financial statements, transaction-level drill down, and flexible reports for organizations of all sizes. The system is easy to use and requires none of the “workarounds” needed to make a for-profit accounting program work in a church setting.

The Payroll system does it all—from account distribution, benefit tracking, taxes, direct deposit, pre-tax and after-tax deductions, and “pay groups” to complete pay cycle processing and check printing.

ParishSOFT’s products are fully integrated, so you’ll never have to enter data more than once.

Keep accurate financial information at your fingertips and gain the freedom of anytime, anywhere access to your data with ParishSOFT.

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