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Paragon Software Systems

A developer of business management software.

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Our road to success

Paragon Software Systems, Inc is a niche software company focusing on the development, implementation and support of the Paragon vehicle routing and scheduling system and related products.

Our approach is to work closely with our customers to understand their short, medium and long term requirements for their use of Paragon. By involving key members from our Sales, Support and Development functions, we have been able to develop functionality within the core Paragon software to meet the changing business requirements of our customer base and will continue to do so in the future.

Paragon Software Systems, Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of Paragon Software Systems Plc – an independent UK company dedicating 100% of its business to the continued development, implementation, and support of optimization solutions for routing and scheduling, resource management, and transportation execution. With 30+ years experience implementing more than 2,300 systems at over 750 client sites in 45 countries, ranging from small distributors to leading logistics companies and large retailers, Paragon’s versatile software with its advanced routing and scheduling technology is helping businesses to cut transportation costs, improve productivity, reduce planning time and raise customer service levels.

Paragon software is marketed, implemented and supported in North America by Paragon Software Systems, Inc and elsewhere by parent company Paragon Software Systems Plc and its international distribution partners.

Paragon’s prestigious customer base includes numerous leading companies from the retail, manufacturing, wholesale, service, home delivery and 3rd party logistics sectors - companies such as CEVA Logistics, Airgas, Exel Logistics, Toyota Material Handling, Ryder, McLane, Honda, National Food Corporation and SCI Group - who rely on the Paragon software to plan and manage their transportation operations.

A wide range of routing and scheduling software solutions

Operationally, Paragon can be used for dynamic routing on a daily or weekly basis, master route daily management, managing transportation resources, and managing the execution of the transportation plan in real time by interfacing with tracking technologies.

In addition, Paragon software can also be used strategically for planning, optimizing and managing master routes and schedules; distribution network modeling; delivery frequency modeling; and planning optimized delivery zones, or territories.

Paragon software runs on a Windows operating platform, and takes in details of the orders to be delivered, the transportation resources available, and general information such as shift details, break requirements, drop times and site details. Using a highly developed algorithm designed specifically for optimizing road-based transportation operations, the Paragon software calculates the most effective stop sequences that meet promised time windows, allocates loads to appropriate vehicles and drivers, and uses digital mapping to calculate road-based journey times and distances. This ensures that the schedules are geographically feasible to meet promised arrival time windows, while improving fleet utilization and productivity through efficient routes with minimal total mileage incurred, with empty running reduced.

Our experienced support and implementation team

Paragon has its own dedicated team of software implementation consultants who have a wide range of skills and experience. As a result the team has the knowledge to help you deploy your Paragon system as quickly and efficiently as possible. The benefit of an experienced and dedicated team is that we have relevant experience of most situations, implementation types and industry sectors - meaning a better service to you and a faster ROI for your organization.

Deployment options – giving you more flexibility

As an experienced provider of truck routing software we understand the importance of deployment flexibility. As a result we offer a variety of deployment options and standard interfaces which range from single client PC, multiple networked PCs or Citrix and thin client configurations and optional Internet access. This gives you more choice about how you use the software.

Software development – our dedicated in-house team

Each Paragon customer benefits from our policy of re-investing over a third of our annual revenue into the development and enhancement of the Paragon product. This ensures that our product is kept up to date with the market’s latest trends, meeting the changing needs of today’s transportation operators. With the added benefit that all development work is carried out by Paragon’s own dedicated in-house team means that any upgrades, enhancements or new features can be developed and delivered quickly and efficiently.

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