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Features Include:

  • On-line interactive entry and validation of each purchase order detail charge
  • Accounts Payable module feature allows “short cut” method of entering invoices previously committed through the Purchase Order module subsystem. This feature includes appropriate automatic journal entries when payable amounts differ from the purchase order
  • Correction feature allows user to correct or void purchase orders previously posted. Corrections to all appropriate accounts and controls is automatic.
  • On-line inquiry of any purchase order in the system
  • On-demand reports of open purchase orders listed by vendor, purchase order number or department
  • Monthly and on-demand detail audit trail report by purchase order, giving full detail of all original purchase orders, adjustments, payments, and balances.
  • Monthly and on-demand report of all closed purchase orders
  • On-line inquiry of account balances

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Purchase Order Tracking/Encumbrance:

"Purchase Order Tracking/Encumbrance" is part of the municiPAL line of products, developed by Paragon Consulting Services.