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A powerful tool that interfaces with all municiPAL® billing modules. Enter all cash received on-line for either non-billed revenue or billed invoices. Automated cash drawers, receipting, validation printers, and externally received “lock box“ receipts can all be interfaced!

Tracks the receipts by cash drawer, user, and type of transaction on a daily basis and performs subsidiary ledger functions such as journal corrections.

Presents detail and summary invoicing, adjustments, late fee and payment history by customer number or real property ID. Review individual or property invoices online. The period of receivable history is user-defined, up to 100 years!

Features Include:

  • Maintains taxpayer/customer master file where you can review open charges for any customer. Customer records include data such as spouse’s name and address, credit rating, social security number, and phone numbers, both work and home.
  • Interactive entry, on-line balancing of cash receipts with customer and invoice balance validation.
  • Powerful search capabilities including searches by name, address, account/invoice, and property number.
  • Supports multiple bank accounts and/or centralized treasurer’s fund.
  • Ability to manually or pre-define the allocation of receipts to multiple accounts. User override capability provided. Includes user-settable algorithms including priority and percentage methods.
  • Separation of cash, check and bank lock box receipts.
  • Mortgage and tax service mass payments can be processed.
  • Interactive entry, on-line and batch balancing of journal corrections.
  • User-defined revenue codes (e.g. water, permits, etc.)
  • User-defined receivable categories.
  • Calculates late fees and discounts for all scheduled billings.
  • Real Property ”tie-in“ to allow on-line review of all charges against a property.
  • Unlimited on-line user comments can be associated with any customer or specific invoice.
  • Multiple cash drawers can be linked to single or multiple input stations. Cashier security provided for each drawer.
  • Provides for multiple collection points and overall location specific and daily reconciliation.
  • Receipt numbers can be system of user assigned.
  • Printing of receipts can be controlled by the system or a per-user basis and can be reprinted if necessary.
  • Posting of all receipts includes summary level interfacing to the General Ledger and Project/Grant modules. Each transaction can post to multiple General Ledger Accounts, depending on user setup.
  • Journal entry correction mode interfacing to the same modules.
  • Acceptance of partial payments and credit balance payments is user controlled.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Accounts Receivable/Cash Receipts:

"Accounts Receivable/Cash Receipts" is part of the municiPAL line of products, developed by Paragon Consulting Services.