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The Business Intelligence (BI) module includes a robust Crystal Reporting engine with the ability to create user-defined parameters for existing reports on the fly without accessing the Crystal Report Designer to modify parameters or the need to create additional reports. In addition, flash reports are available that allow the user to drill-down to relevant detail. Reporting includes common industry key performance indicators and management reporting utilizing data from Microsoft Dynamics GP, Paradigm Transportation Suite, and Distinctive Systems Ltd. Charter Booking System (CBS) and Vehicle Maintenance System (VMS) applications. PTS offers standard reporting for Drivers, Advances and Expenses, Payroll and Vehicle Mileage by Vehicle or State. Other reports include vehicle usage and availability, and revenue-based reports such as revenue per day, mile, vehicle and client. There is also a Daily Business Report that presents revenue earned based on completed movements and analysis of monies received. CBS Charter Profit & Loss presents an analysis of revenue and expenses by charter/line-run movement.

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"Business Intelligence" is part of the Paradigm Transportation Suite (PTS) line of products, developed by Paradigm Technology Consulting.

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