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Includes user defined benefits and deductions. Magnetic Media Reporting, Automatic Tips and Time Card Processing, Complete Tax Tables, Security, Direct Deposit, Wage Rate Table, Remote Entry. Client/Server available.

The Para Research Payroll System is designed to accommodate a wide range of businesses-from a small office to a busy plant to a service bureau that processes other companies payrolls.

Payroll processing is a complex, time-critical task. Payroll software must be fast, accurate and responsive to changing requirements. The Para Research Payroll System is unique in its completeness and flexibility. As your payroll requirements change, the Payroll System can meet your needs to keep a highly visible accounting function running smoothly.

Time cards may be created automatically for all employees or only salaried or hourly employees. The system references an employee’s record to establish what hours are typically worked and how much he or she should be paid. This is the bulk of the work in payroll processing and the system does it for you. Easily create individual time cards as the need arises, such as when a new employee needs to receive a check in the current check run.

Employee information in the database includes more than just name, addresses, filing status and earning history. The database includes accrued sick, vacation and personal time, the employees title, individual benefits and deductions, skill codes and direct deposit information.

If the employee reports tips, the system automatically calculates the FIT, FICA and state tax on tips as well.

Payroll provides you with detailed reports generated from the database to allow you to better manage and monitor your labor costs.

You can track labor by department to determine a particular departments labor costs. You can list employees by: Skill Code to locate employees with alternate skills; Ethnic Code to help you comply with federal reporting guidelines; Union Codes to group employees by union affiliation. You can better control labor costs by more effective and meaningful payroll and personnel reports.

Features Include

  • Magnetic Media Reporting
  • Automatic Tips and Time Card Processing
  • Complete up-to-date Tax Tables
  • Security
  • Personalized Benefits and Deductions
  • Direct Deposit
  • Personnel Reporting
  • Wage Rate Table
  • User-Defined Report Writers
  • User-Defined Pay Types

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