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Handles everything from the time invoices arrive, through the writing and reconciling of returned checks to posting. Reconciliation Report, Complete 1099 Reporting, Distributed vouchers, Voucher templates, Client/Server available.

Accounts Payable is a flexible and complete financial system that enables you to obtain up-to-date information about cash flow requirements and vendor payments. The system handles everything from the time invoices arrive, through the writing and reconciling of returned checks, to General Ledger posting.

The Accounts Payable System goes beyond simply keying in an invoice and writing a check. The system helps control your cash flow, maximizes vendor discounting, and provides complete audit trails to the General Ledger.

Comprehensive vendor information provides for efficient voucher entry and easy 1099 year-end processing. Vendor default information such as expense accounts, payment terms and payment codes streamline voucher entry.

At Voucher Entry time you are allowed multiple processing options including: Distributed Vouchers, Standard Vouchers, Split and Recurring Vouchers.

You can force discounts, review lost discount reports at a key stroke and even use the Discount Date as the Check date.

The Cash Requirements Report, a standard part of the system, allows you to set up user-defined periods and list the vouchers and amounts due for each period.

Para Research’s exclusive AP Reconciliation Report, helps you reconcile your accounts payable to general ledger. This comprehensive report includes all open vouchers in the period and the total balance in Accounts Payable.

Features Include

  • Complete 1099 Reporting
  • Distributed voucher by multiple GL account
  • Voucher templates by vendor
  • General Ledger reconciliation report
  • Flexible discounting capabilities
  • Voucher and vendor query
  • Ability to post to any period
  • Optional monthly close

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