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Pantera Tools

A developer of business management software.

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Pantera Global Technology is an Arizona corporation operating as Pantera LLC for the Pantera Tools product. Our offices are located in Arizona, Tennessee and Illinois. The sophistication of the technology behind Pantera Tools is unmatched in the Construction Industry. Our purpose is to create the largest community of users in all of Construction with access through one integrated Portal. We accomplish this by providing software that is not only superior to all others, but available at no cost for our entry level product. Our software provides complete File Sharing, Document Management, Contact Management, Messaging, Reporting, Collaboration, Construction Project Leads and Contractor Directory Functionality that all work together seamlessly as one product. Print and Delivery functionality is built-in and serviced by our network of Print Partners. We are not a “Cloud Based” system as many others with files on unknown servers. We are “In the Cloud” as we are a Web based Software provider, however, we use Top Tier Vaulted redundant Dedicated Servers to protect the security and safety of your data and to insure maximum up-time capability. Pantera goes a step further by backing up our vaulted collocation with a redundant collocation for the best of all offerings. We proudly challenge any service provider to match any of our product functions. Help us to Build the Community!

Our Team

The executive team has over 75 years of high level experience in our core product offering. Our team understands the Construction Industry as well if not better than any technology company in the sector. The tools we provide today will be available by our competitors next year. We are building software today that will keep Pantera always a step ahead. Not only do we take pride in the best and newest technology, we deliver it for less in order to fulfill our mission to build the largest construction community in the world. Pantera is trusted by many National Brand Retailers and 100’s of prominent General Contractors. We are talented, hard working, well funded and profitable. You can be assured that using Pantera Tools will provide you with the best product at the lowest price.

DeWayne Adamson, Founder/President

DeWayne’s unique background encompasses numerous aspects of the Construction and Technology sectors.

His expertise in Construction began as a skilled tradesman. At an early age he was quickly promoted through the ranks to become a Project Manager/Estimator and then a Vice President of a prominent Mechanical Contractor. Gaining knowledge from one of Chicago’s largest Mechanical Contractors, Dewayne ran numerous Major construction projects in the downtown area. In 1986 State Construction offered Dewayne an opportunity as a Sr. Project Manager in the General Construction arena. Specializing in Retail Construction, Dewayne ran over 700 projects. In 1992 Dewayne founded the first National Permit Expediting firm, a National Maintenance Company, and Co-founded one of the Largest Retail Construction firms in the country. All of these companies were successfully sold. In 1993 he also co-founded Plan Express, a national printing and distribution company. In 1999 Dewayne became the sole owner of Plan Express and went on a mission to make PEI the first Online Planroom with Print functionality. This technology was launched successfully and PEI grew to one of the largest print and logistics companies in the world, introducing many new technology products along the way.

DeWayne left PEI in 2009 and it was sold to I sq ft. He then moved on with his plans for continuing to build a digital workflow environment for the construction community and again roll out a product to leap frog the Industry. Pantera Global Technology was launched with the vision of providing new mechanisms for file sharing and contact management, and wrapping it into a community setting using the very latest technology. PanteraTools was written by some of the best programmers in the world.

DeWayne is well on his way to yet another success story as Pantera has gone to profitability in half the time anticipated and is growing in revenue by double digit percentages every month. The community is building rapidly as demonstrated by web statistics that have surpassed every competitor in the industry.

Bart Adamson, Product Development

With extensive retail, online and IT experience Bart became one of the youngest store managers in the Radio Shack chain. He has worked beside the founder to build Pantera’s technology and product. Bart previously had built a major portion of the Plan Express product. Under Bart’s guidance PEI created their version of an Invitation to Bid product and an early version of a sub-contractor network named eBIDroom. Bart was also instrumental in creating backend tools used in the production process of online printing. Sharing the founder’s vision of a collaborative networked community, to be used as a portal for many Construction Industry technology platforms, has kept Bart very busy in this rewarding endeavor.

Mary Naquin, Customer Care

Mary has worked for the founder for over 17 years and is responsible for all aspects of the order process, billing, digital file management and the help desk. Anyone who has ever dealt with Mary knows that she is always there to help with expertise few can match. Mary oversees our team of trained professionals who are experts at file management, revision and version control as well as Planroom functionality. She is also in charge of the quality control team and the accounting staff.

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