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Retail Boss POS comes with a complete inventory maintenance program. Some of the inventory software capabilities include:

Inventory can be quickly added to the inventory and later updated if necessary. Common services performed can be entered and stored in the inventory section to be used as a “link” function in the preparation of invoices and work orders / estimates..

“SKU Codes” can be set up. For SKU# that have several sub-SKU numbers, SKU codes allow you to choose the correct item to sell.

An Inventory list can be printed. Inventory can easily be reordered either by vendor, SKU number, category, description or group. The receive inventory section provides a fast method of entering an inventory shipment. Taking a physical inventory is simplified with the Inventory Count Sheets provided by the program. After the physical inventory is taken the “on-line” inventory can easily be adjusted.

“Kit Codes” can be set up. “Kits” can be very useful. For jobs that require a string of SKU#, the kit code can eliminate typing time when preparing invoices and work orders / estimates. Kit codes can also be set up to enable you to run specials.

A global price change can be made to the inventory either by vendor, part number, category, description or group. The price change can be made by dollar amount or percentage. This feature allows you to keep your inventory cost effective.

Another time saving feature is the capability to add vendor price sheets. These price sheets are kept separate from your actual inventory; however, price sheets can easily be converted to your inventory.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Inventory:

"Inventory" is part of the Retail Boss POS line of products, developed by Palmer Products, Inc..