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Freehand Quotes Facility (Dynamic Trading)

A true gem in the Palladium Suite, this function allows users to create freehand-style Quotes for any Current or Prospective Inventory Items for Current and Prospective Customers. Simultaneously convert the Freehand Quote to a Sales Quote or Order on the fly, as well as to one or many Purchase Quotes or Orders based on the preferred Vendor (refer “Multiple Item Vendors” point below), all from one screen, with the option to convert the Prospective Items and Customers to Active Items/Customers alike. In addition recommend margins are maintained and item costs are pulled straight through to the Purchase documents all in one go.

Increase your Revenue with Palladium’s Dynamic UP-SELL Functionality

Palladium has an advanced UpSell Functionality that allows you to set an unlimited number of “UpSell” Items with settings for Optional Dynamic Prompting per processing Document. This feature makes it simple for new employees to sell specialised products with little experience of the business, ensuring maximised revenue potential at all times. This function can also be used to group like items in the form of Kits.

Extended Enquiry Screens

The Customer Enquiry function has been enhanced to allow a separate and secure, Business Intelligence type, view into all the general information and settings relating to a Customer, alleviating the need to access the Customer Edit Function or run disparate reports. This information includes all current and past transaction including Open Sales Orders, Past Invoices will full document drill-down capabilities. Drag & Drop the require data to suit, then just snap the data into Excel in seconds.

Flexible Customer & Vendor Terms

Our flexible terms feature allows you to define negotiated terms on a per document basis, either from date of invoice or from date of statement for both Customer and Vendor invoices.

Credit Note Pre-Authorisations with Credit Reason Codes

The Credit Note Authorisation facility allows users to Create a Credit Note Request form and have this authorised before being converted to a credit note. Credit Note reason codes completes this function by allowing you to further analyse the return reasons themselves.

Optimise Margins with Optional Automatic Selling Price Updates

Automatically Update certain or all of your Inventory Item selling prices for specific customers. This feature allows you to define a price list as a “List” or a “Markup On Cost” type pricelist. The Markup on Cost pricelist has the ability to change the selling price dynamically at the time of Receiving or on the Manufacturing of Inventory items, with a set Markup by Item Category. The ability to change the price for increases only, with a full audit trail report on all changes by user and the option to have an unlimited number of customer pricelists, rounds off this feature.

Document Status Options

Set Document Status types for each processing document, allowing you to manage the status and resulting follow up process. In addition the Status can be changed dynamically without the need to adjust the document itself. If you look at the example below you will see that all the non-transactional information can be modified on-the-fly allowing you to track or edit the relevant document statuses with ease.

Invoice Goods, Services & Defined Ledger Accounts

You have the ability to invoice Goods, Services and General Ledger Accounts Accounts, all from one common Selection Interface, where only selected “allowable” General Ledger Accounts will appear.

Document Bookmark’s & Quick Transactional History Lookups

You are able to view Customer and Supplier History at a glance on all processing documents with the ability to copy these items onto the processing document with one click. The ability to Bookmark documents for quick reference gives you the ability to copy items from one document to any other document in seconds. This could be used to copy items from a Purchase order to a Customer Invoice or vice versa.

In-Document Authorizations & Price Override Reason Codes

An option has been added to the Customer Sales Invoice function allowing for an In-Document Management Authorization override on the amending of the item Price, Discount or overall document discount fields. This acts in the same way as the credit note approval function, and will invoke for the authorization on amending.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Accounts Receivable:

"Accounts Receivable" is part of the Palladium Accounting line of products, developed by Palladium Accounting.