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Palladium Accounting

A full ERP system designed by Palladium Accounting.
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Palladium Accounting software offers a range of feature-rich Accounting Solutions to suit all types of organisations, ranging from the single user startup business, right through to the larger enterprise. Our single pricing model ensures that clients do not pay hidden costs for additional modules such as Point Of Sale or Project Costing. A familiar interface ensures that the product is easy to learn, ensuring that new clients are fully operational in a limited time period. Our value proposition is in our technology and product stability and is why we are the only company in the world to offer a 3-Year money back guarantee on data corruption.


Palladium Individual Accounting

This product is a single-user, fully functional application with the Invoicing of Service Items and General Ledger Recovery Accounts with Customers, Vendors and a full General Ledger for the small startup business. Oh and its free of charge!

Palladium Business Basics

The Palladium Business Basics edition is limited to 3 users, and has the features of the Individual Edition with the inclusion of full Inventory, Sales and Purchase Orders, Quotes and Requisitions, Budgeting, Cash Books, Interest Billing, Discounts, Price Lists etc.

Palladium Business

The Palladium Business edition is limited to 10 users, and has the features of the Business Basics Edition with the inclusion of Profit Centers, Manufacturing, Multi-Warehousing and much more.

Palladium Enterprise

The Palladium Enterprise caters for over 500 users and boasts our full Feature-Set from Projects, PoS, Distribution, Credit Note Authorizations, Document Copy Functionality, Multi-Currency and much more.


Remote Sales Module (RST)

The Palladium Remote Sales Module allows remote users Create Customers, Sales Orders and Return Requests, with the ability to Synchronize this with Head Office when required for easy conversion to a customer Invoice. In addition selected Customers can be synchronized, limiting specific access per remote sales person.

Bulk SMS Module

The Palladium SMS module is integrated in the Palladium application and is also available as a stand-alone module. This module can be integrated to any Database and is offered to our customers free of charge. All you have to do to get started is to purchase an SMS bundle and take it from there.

Accounting Server Utility

The application includes tools for local and/or remote backups, tools for the administration of SQL Server database, and the sample data installation. This system is optional for all versions of Palladium Accounting. The installation must be on the same computer where you installed your choice of the SQL Server Database. Palladium Server is completely free to use with any licensed Palladium Accounting package.


Microsoft Certified Software

Palladium Accounting’s software has undergone stringent testing to become Microsoft Certified, ensuring complete complicance with todays operating systems.

Transactional History For Life

Palladium Accounting stores all Information for life allowing you to run all your financial and transactional reports since business inception and alleviating the need to go back and forth across backup companies.

Integrated Business Intelligence

All the Palladium Accounting software versions come complete with Business Intelligence Cubes allowing you to slice and dice data as required, giving you a 360 Deg view of your business.

Powerful “Any Date” Reporting

Thanks to our SQL database and advanced design, Palladium offers full real-time, or “Any-Date” Reporting. This means is that you can run reports at any date in History. These include, Customer and Supplier Aging Reports, Inventory Aging Or Valuation Reports and even Financial Reports such as a Trial Balances Or Balance Sheets at any date as well as Income Statements between any 2 dates for unsurpassed reporting power.

Advanced Directional Printing (ideal for Branches/Departments/Cost Centers or Warehouses)

Palladium not only has the ability to utilize global or per-user document numbering on all processing documents, but also has the ability to use unique layouts per user as well as to define the default printer on a per user, per document basis, completely alleviating the need for users in warehouses, branches, departments or sales offices to have to keep on changing or selecting their required printer. This function could also be used to invoice specific clients with a custom invoice layout for their unique requirements.

Centralized Version Updates

Using Microsoft Technology, our clients will always be on the latest version using the web, without the need for purchasing CD’s or remembering to download a version.

Easy Navigation

Palladium Accounting’s intuitive navigation screens mean that you can move around the system with ease. Select the tab function on top and have access to the processing functions underneath with the reporting section at the bottom.

Attach Documents to All Masterfiles

The ability to attach files to all Masterfiles means that you can maintain all relevant documentation in one place with full and easy reference capabilities. A password control function means that critical documentation remains secure and available.

Strong Security & Audit Trails

Palladium has extensive security that tracks changes throughout the system using an audit trail facility. User rights can also be set to authorize credit notes “in screen”, with rights to either amend financial or just non-financial information. You can also view the Audit Trail Journal for the related transaction on all processing screens ensuring accurate processing on a real-time basis.

Flexible International Tax Engine

Our flexible tax engine is designed to cater from the simplest to the most complex tax structures with the option for multiple tax rates and integration accounts for a single tax type with exception options at Item, Customer and even Supplier level.

Full Multi-Currency Compatibilities

The multi-currency feature caters for Customers, Vendors, Bank Accounts and even General Ledger Journals. Rates are managed on a daily basis with a minimum and maximum tolerable variance that is designed to eliminate possible human errors.

User-Definable Fields Throughout

Palladium Accounting makes use of user-definable fields throughout the system from the General Ledger, Customers, Suppliers to Inventory Masterfiles, and is one of the only products on the market to boast this function at document body and document item line level. In the illustration below we see the use of the Fields in the Sales Invoice.

User Tasks & Company Bulletins

Assign User Tasks and create Company Bulletins to enhance communication throughout the organisation.

Financial Budgeting & Forecasting Throughout

Palladium Accounting caters for Budgeting or Forecasting in all facets of the application including General Ledger, Departments/Branches, Profit Centres, Customers, Vendors and even Inventory and Service Items, giving you the ability to measure your performance throughout the system.

E-Business Integration with Major ERP Solutions

Palladium offers seamless integration into the AccountMate ERP (other solutions on the way) solution catering for a full 360 degree solution by allowing Palladium Clients to switch Purchase Orders directly to their Vendor’s ERP solution while authenticating Terms, Credit Limits, Inventory Availability and Pricing, all at the push of a button. In addition a synchronization facility updates the Item Masterfile in Palladium with new or amended Inventory Items, Item Images as well as the Vendors price for that item catering for Real-Time Vendor information in Palladium. In addition to this, the inventory inquiry function will also interrogate the availability of an item in all Palladium Warehouses as well as that at the Vendor (should the Vendor Allow). This not only supports a paperless environment but also alleviates the need to call the vendor saving an insurmountable time and money, and ensures that the Vendor offers unsurpassed service to their Palladium Accounting Customer!

Functionality Modules

General Ledger Powerful General Ledger & User-Account Security Our General Ledger caters for Main and Sub-Accounts as well as full departments or branches and also has full cost centre…

Accounts Payable Extended Inquiry Screens The Vendor Enquiry function has been enhanced to allow a separate and secure, Business Intelligence type, view into all the general information and…

Accounts Receivable Freehand Quotes Facility (Dynamic Trading) A true gem in the Palladium Suite, this function allows users to create freehand-style Quotes for any Current or Prospective…

Inventory & Manufacturing Item Copy & Numbering Conventions Palladium has the ability to set Item Numbering Conventions for both Inventory and Service Items. This ensures that numbers are created…

Warehousing & Distribution Warehouse Security Palladium has extensive User-Warehouse Security normally only found in very expensive ERP systems. The security is twofold, in this it controls specific…

Remote Sales Terminal & SMS Module Remote Sales Terminal (RST) Module The remote Sales Terminal (RST) module is an independent module that allows employees at Remote Sites, or Sales Reps on the road to be able…

Projects & Point of Sale Manage Projects With Full Project Cost & Revenue Tracking and Budgeting Track the Revenue and Costs (with change orders and commitments) of the various Projects, as well…

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