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Simple to set up, easy to maintain and rich in features, Pacifica fully integrates seed inventory management in a powerful financial system, with general ledger, payroll, payables and receivables…

Developed by Seedsmen and written for Windows, Pacifica Seed Inventory Software is by far the most comprehensive solution developed for the seed industry. It addresses all the facets of producing, purchasing, selling and costing seeds, and easily handles the unique challenges of seed companies like yours.

Pacifica tracks sales and inventory by variety, lot and sub-lot. It shows the quantities committed and available, the cost, price, treatment, current status, where the seed came from and everywhere it’s been sold or used.

Instantly, Pacifica provides accurate reporting, comprehensive forecasting and sales performance analysis with profit margins for any product, customer, salesperson or territory, over any time period.

Pacifica properly handles purchases, sales and all adjustments in any unit of measure, including pounds, ounces, kilograms, grams, per seed, per M (thousand seeds), 10M or 100M, per acre or hectare, per bushel, each, or a unit of measure of your own design, with automatic and transparent conversion to any other unit of measure.

Any number of quantity break and price code lines can be set up for each variety or lot to achieve fine control over pricing. In addition, the customer record can have its own list of special exception prices. Costs are maintained at the lot level, and may be accrued against acquisition, freight, production, conditioning and processing, and overhead.

Lots may be split into sub-lots, representing multiple locations, package sizes, treatments, owners, selling prices or costs, all without losing lot identity. Lots may be flagged and reported on in a wide variety of ways, including stock seed, consignments, stopsale/rejected/returned, production, trial/sample, coated, blended, not owned by us and dormant.

Complete test results for germ, purity and performance are permanently maintained in the lot record for as many tests as you want to track.

If you do blends or mixes, you already know what a tedious and time-consuming job it is. Pacifica can mix or blend up to 200 varieties or lots to meet a target quantity and germ automatically and with no calculations… in a split-second!

Print package or bin labels on demand, automatically from purchase invoices, sales orders and sales invoices, in any format and with any content, including mixes and blends, bar codes, and full color photographs.

If you manage your own production, or you need to manage the production for your growers, Pacifica includes a comprehensive production management module, fully integrated with inventory control, to keep you on top of what will be available for the coming season.

If your vendors allocate product to you, or you need to allocate product to your customers, you’ll appreciate Pacifica’s easy-to-use vendor and customer allocations. And we also take care of varieties that require authorization before selling.

Use Pacifica’s powerful trials management subsystem to track and report on in-depth trials results, filtered by any criteria your customer needs to see.

Plant breeders will appreciate Pacifica’s full-featured breeder/pedigree/hybrids subsystem, which tracks and reports all facets of your breeder program, relieving you of the tedious record keeping.

And no other system implements as quickly, typically in less than two weeks, is as economical per user and does as much as Pacifica.

With Pacifica providing solid, thorough solutions to the toughest inventory and accounting problems facing your business… you can relax. Guaranteed!

Whether you’re a big seed company or a small one, discover how Pacifica Research can help you regain control of your inventory.

Check it out… You’ll be glad you did!

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