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Every aspect of Pacifica Payroll is simple, obvious and fast. From data gathering to check calculating and printing to printing state and federal reports, each step requires just seconds per employee.

Pacifica optionally supports time tickets for hours, piecerate or miscellaneous dollar amounts, or you can skip the time ticket and post hours, piecerate or dollars directly to the paycheck.

Pacifica even has an electronic timeclock interface, so you can gather the time ticket information for hundreds of employees’ automatically and quickly. For labor contractors with very large or daily payrolls, Pacifica optionally handles payroll by crew and job.

Whether you’re posting from time tickets or entering wage information directly onto the paycheck, Pacifica allows you to track hours, salary, piecework, vacation pay, holiday pay, sick pay, miscellaneous pay, reimbursements and any other type of wage, each with a thorough description.

Any pay may be taxable or exempt, and may be disbursed to any number of expense accounts. Your employees may be a mix of different pay periods and pay states, in any combination.

Pacifica allows you to set up and change tax tables for each state in which you employ, so changes in tax requirements are easily accommodated. After Pacifica calculates each paycheck, all withholdings and net pay are displayed for your approval or modification, before the check is filed.

Pacifica has every payroll report you would expect, including worker. s comp, W2s (paper and magnetic), 941/943, I9s, and state reports, including magnetic.

Here are some of the numerous features of Pacifica Payroll

  • Wages can be entered on time tickets or directly onto the paycheck.
  • Pacifica can gather wage information directly from an electronic timeclock, automatically.
  • Any wages can be either taxable or tax exempt.
  • Wages can be distributed to any number of different expense accounts on one check.
  • Wages can be applied to as many different worker’s comp codes as you want on the same check.
  • Any recurring or miscellaneous deductions, such as a loan repayment, insurance, child support, garnishments or union dues, can be maintained in the employee record and automatically applied to selected paychecks during the month.
  • Deductions can be calculated according to a formula based on wage type or net pay.
  • Deductions, such as loan repayments, can be easily programmed to cut off when fully repaid.
  • All federal and state withholdings are computed as you enter the wages. The gross pay, all withholdings and deductions, and the net pay are displayed before the check is filed.
  • The state and federal tax tables can be maintained by the user, making it easy to keep up with changes in the tax laws.
  • With the high volume option, Pacifica allows you to quickly pay by groups, departments or work crews. You may also pay by wage type (salary or hourly), pay period (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, quarterly or annually), or pay state.
  • Pacifica accommodates several different check styles; top stub, bottom stub and laser checks.
  • Pacifica prints a large variety of payroll reports, including paycheck register, employee activity, quarterly activity, worker’s comp, W2s and 941/943. Pacifica also prints state and federal wage reports and W2s on magnetic media.

Dedicated payroll programs costing thousands of dollars simply can’t do your payroll as effectively as Pacifica.

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