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  • Pacifica is real-time. Every transaction you enter, every change, every bit of data is posted and processed instantly as you enter it. The advantages are obvious:

    • No more end-of-period posting/closing before you can begin the next period.
    • No more inaccurate or incomplete data or reports.
    • All data is on line all the time.
    Most accounting systems purge all current detail every time you post the end-of-period. You can no longer look up an invoice, reproduce a check, print a detailed inventory usage report, or analyze your data in countless other detailed ways necessary for effective management. Pacifica never automatically purges your precious detail.

  • Pacifica follows GAAP and FASB rules.

    Although this feature may seem important only to your accountant, Pacifica’s compliance with GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Practices) and FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) ensures that the methodology and results you obtain with Pacifica are consistent and accurate.

  • Supports any number of companies. With Pacifica, you may set up as many companies as you need. Each company may have the same or similar chart of accounts, or each may be completely different. All data for each company resides in just one file, making maintenance simple. Just the thing for an accountant’s client write-up business.
  • Hundreds of predefined charts. Quickly set up each new company by selecting a chart of accounts from our complete list of company types, for sole proprietors, partnerships or corporations, in either branching or cascading style.
  • Profit/Cost centers. This feature, unique to our General Ledger systems, allows you to set up a division of your company, or a branch, subgroup, process, or even an employee or piece of equipment, as a profit/cost center for powerful data gathering and reporting and simple job costing.
  • Account numbers up to 20 characters. No more trying to set up complex account/sub account structures with a limit of 7 characters. Each account number can be up to 20 characters long, and may include hyphens to clearly separate the number into sub-groups. In addition, the Profit/Cost Center number can be up to 20 characters, allowing you a generous total of 40 characters.
  • Alpha-numeric account numbers. Account numbers can optionally include letters, or they may be names, words or even phrases, up to 20 characters long.
  • Allows percentage allocations. By using Profit/Cost Centers, you may automatically allocate dollars by percent to as many cost centers as you like.
  • Unlimited open periods. With Pacifica, you never need to close an accounting period before starting another. Reports accurately and automatically adjust, even if the prior period or periods are still open.
  • Unsurpassed audit trails. Pacifica never automatically purges any detail. All detail is permanently available for use in reconstructing or reprinting any transaction ever entered, instantly. All transactions may be ID stamped according to the operator who originated the document. The drill-down capability of Pacifica reports allows you to easily follow an audit trail back to its originating transaction. All changes to data, including deletions, voids and all other unusual or exception events, are tracked by an auditable exceptional events log, showing the document both before and after the change.No other accounting system maintains as strong an audit trail as Pacifica.
  • Powerful budgeting. Pacifica totally automates the tedious task of budgeting, allowing you to create budgets for any section of your chart, including Profit/Cost Centers, over any time period or periods (as short as a day, and even overlapping), based on a previous budget or actuals. Pacifica provides a full complement of budgeting reports, including multi-period comparatives showing actual, budgeted and variance by dollar and percentage - budget reports not found in other systems.
  • Financials like no others. Pacifica covers the spectrum in financial reporting with Balance Sheets, Income Statements, and direct method Cash Flow Statements. And Pacifica offers all of these reports in three remarkably useful formats: standard single period, two period comparative, and multi-period (up to 18 simultaneous periods) comparative. Since Pacifica is real-time, with all transaction data always on-line, each of these powerful reports can be run over any date span; they can cross any month-end or year-end, with no adjustments necessary. You’ll never be locked into monthly/quarterly/annual financials again. Any of the financials can pinpoint a Profit/Cost Center, so you can easily report on your company, division by division.
  • Financial Report Writer. Pacifica features a powerful Financial Report Writer, allowing you to create your own highly customized financial reports. You can consolidate up to 100 separate companies.

With Pacifica General Ledger, you’ll get the closest, fastest and most accurate in-depth look at the heart and health of your business, with the tools and information you need to respond to the future, not just react to the past.

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