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Pacifica A/R handles all aspects of order entry, invoicing and receivables tracking easily and elegantly, delivering solid performance and simplicity in maintaining customer balances, posting sales and receipts and aging your A/R. You would expect to find these features in any general accounting package, but your investment in professional business management tools should buy you much more.

To a general accounting system, A/R means simply tracking the money your customers owe. But to Pacifica, A/R means client/customer management, order processing, sales and sales analysis linked to inventory control, billing, collecting and cash flow analysis, all in real time.

The customer is king in Pacifica A/R.Customer information is entered only once, and is then available for prospecting lists, labels, orders, invoicing and reports of all kinds. Customer information can be changed any time, and the new information is reflected on all documents,past and future, instantly. Customers may be grouped into categories of your choosing, and viewed and printed in these groups.

Customers can be cash basis, on account, open item or balance forward, in any combination. They can be taxable or non-taxable,with tax rate by customer if you wish. A customer can be assigned a salesperson and a separate ship-to address.

Pricing is controlled by customer, by price code. In addition, each customer can have any number of custom prices for selected items, based on price or price code, and a blanket discount.

Customers will automatically receive the best price to which they are entitled, based upon price code, purchase quantity, sale price and custom price for that customer.

Your customers expect you to have these kinds of controls in place when they do business with you. With Pacifica, you can accommodate their demands simply and automatically. Imagine the errors and tiresome busywork that you’ll avoid with a few simple steps in customer setup.

Your profits are closely tied to a management decision to deliver a product when a customer orders it. This may seem obvious, but if your current system can’t tell you every detail of what’s on order and in stock, and doesn’t allow rapid order processing while dealing with the complex issues of costing and pricing, you can’t serve your customer efficiently.

Creating an order in Pacifica takes only a few seconds. The customer is on file and can be retrieved in an instant, by typing a few characters of the name. You do not need to remember an ID number. At any time during the process you can review all the details of past sales to this customer, payment history, stock levels, quickly and easily, without interrupting the order process.

The order can be fulfilled by one or more sales invoices, or the order may be setup as standing, to issue a recurring customer invoice. A customer may have any number of standing or open orders, invoiced on any schedule you like. Orders can be invoiced individually or as a group. Back orders are tracked automatically.

You don’t need to create an order to invoice a sale. The invoice can be entered directly, and for a point-of-sale environment, Pacifica even offers a complete solution for handling bar codes, cash drawer, pole display and strip printer.

The sales order, order processing and invoice screens are simple and uncluttered. Their layout is thoughtful and streamlined, with productivity and high throughput foremost in mind. Our interface is attractive and efficient.

Order processing is half of the A/R picture. Billing is the other half, and Pacifica really shines here too. The key is detailed, real time data on line. This data can be printed on A/R aging reports, customer activity reports, statements and past-due notices, as well as inventory activity reports, best customer lists, best selling item lists, and many other reports. Reports can be printed for any date span, because all data is always on line.

Accurate customer statements are critical if you expect timely payment without disputes. They must be clear, with enough detail to satisfy, but not confuse the customer.

Pacifica gives you the choice of various formats and levels of detail. Since Pacifica is real time, statements can be printed for any date, even for a past or closed period, in just seconds.

The marketplace of today won’t tolerate poor customer service, and you can’t afford to tolerate it either. Pacifica offers effective A/R management tools for businesses that must move up from general accounting to an affordable, total solution.

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