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Pacifica A/P easily accounts for vendor payables, just as you would expect from a quality accounting product. All accounting is double-entry, and is consistent with GAAP and FASB rules.

A payable obligation starts with a purchase order. Central to this document, and the other documents of A/P, is the vendor record. In Pacifica, all vendors are members of the name list, and name list management is a bonus of the A/P system, and A/R as well.

Vendor names are entered into Pacifica only once. After that, access to vendor information is simple and instantaneous. At any field that requires a vendor, just type a few characters of the name or ID number.

Or you can click the magnifier icon that appears on vendor fields, and browse the vendor list.

If you don’t find the vendor you want, you can add it on the spot, from any field in the system. Many other fields, such as customers, G/L accounts and inventory work the same way.

We pioneered data browse directories and record quick-adds in our first accounting products, over 15 years ago. Our methods are still the fastest and easiest to use in the industry.

Vendors can be cash basis, on account, open item or balance forward, in any combination. Vendor terms are flexible, and may include discounts to be taken automatically. Various types of 1099 forms can be printed for selected vendors.

The purchase order can include inventory and non-inventory items. For inventory lines, the current cost is displayed for you to adjust as necessary.

General ledger numbers are one small detail that won’t waste your time. They are supplied by the vendor record and inventory items. This dramatically reduces errors and speeds input.

Purchase invoices are entered against an open order for a vendor. To save time, you simply pick the order from a window of open orders for the vendor, and all open lines transfer to the invoice. Or use the Process Purchase Order screen to display all open orders, and processes them into invoices all at once. Inventory is increased and a payable is created by the purchase invoice.

Since Pacifica is a real-time system, all adjustments to the vendor and general ledger are already complete when the invoice is filed. If any changes are necessary, simply bring up the invoice on the screen and update it.

Any number of invoices can be written against the order until the order is complete. Back orders are tracked automatically on the order.

Disbursement checks may be written against a purchase invoice, or direct to an expense without an invoice. Expense checks can even be written without setting up a vendor. Outstanding invoices are selected from a pop-up window and applied to the check.

Discounts for timely payment are calculated and displayed for each invoice. To speed throughput even more, groups of vendors can be paid all at once, by vendor priority and invoice due date. The checks are displayed in a browse window for editing before you save them.

Pacifica has looks and style too. The beautiful graphical user interface is a pleasure to use, and is fully compatible with either the mouse or keyboard. Simple cut-and-paste allows data to be copied to or from any field (even columns), and between Pacifica and other programs. Comparing its features, productivity and price, Pacifica meets the challenges of accounts payable with the simple elegance that is the definition of powerful software.

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